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Everyone Needs a Safe Place

Domestic Violence
24 Hour Hotline: 423-727-1914

Office Line: 423-727-0202

Or Dial: 911

Safe Plan
    • Have the phone numbers of a domestic violence shelter, police and a physician.
    • Plan a means of getting out of the house, including a rope or ladder, if necessary.
    • Pack a change of clothing for yourself and your children. Leave these items with a friend, if necessary.
    • Work out a code with a neighbor or friend you trust so you can signal that person to call the police if you can't.
    • Teach your children how to use the phone in an emergency.
    • Have both a primary destination and a secondary choice if you leave. Choose places that aren't obvious to the batterer.
    • National Domestic Violence Hotline Safety Planning Brochure

    • 24-Hour Crisis Line
    • Information & referral for Legal, Medical, Social Services, Mental Health, and others
    • Community Education
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